Dating an asexual person

Under the umbrella of the most common sexualities, most of us lack any knowledge of the minorities.

” I don’t know why people would rather hear: “You’re right. And, that is why I have been postponing sex.” This seems like a fair deal in comparison. I’m not sure that’s how it rolls in real life, let alone with aces. Sane humans call them, well, “humans”) is ‘corrective rape’.

In addition, now, you have to tell them they’re never getting grandchildren, not because you are sick/incapable, but because you don’t want to, as you see no point in the activity. It’s such a small percentage, and with no media to unite the community, most have lost hope of ever finding a soul mate. I’m not sure if education is taking a serious hit now, or people are just genuinely stupid. If you don’t hold up an apple and say, “Oh I’ll stare at you nicely until you turn into an orange”, then I don’t see how they apply that policy here. And, when you’re an apple in a sea full of oranges, it’s harder still (okay fine, I’ll stop).

While researching on this division, I came across an ace saying they wanted somebody who would be satisfied with just being loved in all its glory, being cared for, supported- everything you look for in Prince Charming.

While growing up, all the characters that we fell head-over-heels in love with, mostly did not involve sex.

We wanted to be loved, respected, cared for, and that’s exactly what dating an asexual also brings to the table.

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