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You've accomplished so much and created such a great family to be proud of. Every child needs a (name of gift) according to what my mother told me.

I wish you many more victories over challenges ahead. So in keeping with tradition, I am giving this to you for ____.""Dear ___ & ___, How exciting it must be to have a new baby in the house?

If, however, they've just had a close death in their family, they may not be in the mood for a silly birthday card or remarks about getting old and dying.

It's also important to take into account *why* are you sending this birthday greeting. Do you feel obligated because it's a relative or co-worker? But the best advice in writing someone a note on their birthday, no matter how close you know them or not, is to try to make them feel that they are special, unique and one-of-a-kind. Unless you both have the same birthday, in their eyes they feel really are special! But in your case, your mind is as sharp as ever and I've always enjoyed hearing your view points, which get even better each year.

For example: "I'm sorry to hear about the death of your brother. Closing a letter all depends on how well you know someone.One of my pet peeves in today's society is the word "sucks." It seems that's the only adjective people use.Are we lacking dictionaries and thesaurus in our lives?This year let's try to keep in touch more.""We can choose our friends, but we inherit our relatives.With you, I would have chosen you as my niece even if you weren't inherited.It's also important to consider what's going on in their lives at the time of the birthday.If they've just gotten a promotion at work, it's double fun.So when their anniversary comes around and you get invited and must bring a gift, what do you write? "For those whose marriages seemed doomed for one reason or another (May-September relationship, remarriages, interracial marriages, teenage marriage, etc. I'm sure you'll have many nights with few hours of sleep.) to you or others, there is only one great way to write a note to them. ;) The basic reason for writing to the parents is to celebrate this new member coming into their family. But that will be small to the many hours of joy and delight that he will bring the two of you.Or they will use "Warmly" or "Fondly" or "Affectionately" or even "Consider yourself kissed goodnight" or "Imagine being Kissed on the Cheek Right Now." Birthdays are one of those days that are always personal to the one celebrating.Depending on what year it is, it can be just like any other day or a real milestone in a person's life. turning 18, 40, 50 etc.) So, when writing a birthday greeting (inside a card or alone) it's important to get in touch with the person you're sending it to and think about how they're taking the birthday they are having.

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