Women dating single fathers

Yet still, I am viewed as the hot guy with baggage, especially to women who don't have any kids.

If they took a little longer look they'd see something different.

As a final word of advice: if you bring you own kids into the relationship, make sure to treat them all equally and never favor your children over your boyfriend’s children.

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It’s important for you to enjoy the fact that his children are not yours.

This gives you the opportunity to show that you’re different (and better) than his ex. If you treat the kids like friends, they will talk to you about everything and come to think of you as their best friend.

When dating a single dad, it’s important to acknowledge that the mother exists.

They see all the great qualities they want in a guy are in me, because I'm a dad. Women want a man who is caring and compassionate, yet strong and courageous.

They desire a man who is honest and sincere, down to earth and stable.

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